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Reunion Photo - Summer 2015

Lets Get The Band Back Together

See if you can recognize the lineup and how little everyone has aged.

Photo Key: (Treichel, Mattox, Byrne, Cullen, Quinn)

More videos of 8310 renovation

This was from Sean via the admin contact form:

Hello, someone posted 3 Youtube videos of 8310 Excelsior Drive. The vides show the de-construction of the location. I'm not an exployee of Heurikon nor a customer. I was a college student back in the mid 1980's when I requested literature from Heurikon about their Multibus products. I learned alot from the information. You can say that it helped get me started in the computer business. I was always curious about what happened to the company.

Video One:

Video Two:

Video Three:

Excelsior building renovations

Here are photos and a video showing the changes the new owner has made to the Excelsior building:

From the Desk of Chris Karle: Friday, 27 March 2009

From the Desk.jpg


It is time for a few more of us to detach from our moorings here at Emerson and begin our drift apart.  I would like to sincerely thank all my friends that I have worked with here.  I truly believe the people here is what kept many of us from looking for new careers sooner. 

I have decided leave engineering and pursue a career in <drum roll>… DEATH DEFIANCE!  I have already performed a few shows.  In order to increase interest, I am including a few photos from these past events.


Bear Wrestling.jpg

In a Barrel.jpg



Thank you.

This has been a: Chris Karle present a Joyce-Karle Production.


Joyce Karle.jpg


optimism.jpg This from an ex-Heurikon engineer who sent me this image:


The image speaks for itself.


I had a paper version posted in my office, back in the days when it all seemed possible. :-)


Test Story

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